Getting started with your Workspace

Your workspace is a secure area for your team to create design systems and projects in Interplay. 

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You can access your Workspace at or by clicking the "I." Interplay logo at the top left of your screen in Interplay.

Your workspace is displayed as a dashboard of the design systems and projects you have created:

On the left hand side you can use the tabs to filter the view to just display Projects or Design Systems, or only show the most recent items.

Click the Name, Updated and Created headings to sort the list in ascending or descending order.

Projects and Design Systems

When you first create your Interplay account you will be prompted to create your workspace, or join an existing one. 

In your workspace, you can create:

  • Projects - where you can upload compositions from your design tools and for developers them in Interplay
  • Design Systems - where you can manage design tokens and code components for use in your design tools such as Figma

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