Managing User Access

User security is managed at the workspace level (we will be adding project-level security soon). This article shows you how to invite co-workers to your workspace and manage their access levels.

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Inviting co-workers

To invite new users to your Workspace:

  1. Login to your Workspace at
  2. Click on your workspace name and choose Workspace Settings from the menu
  3. Click the Members tab to manage user access
  4. Click Invite People, enter their email addresses and click Send invite.

When the person clicks through on your invite they will be prompted to create their Interplay account and automatically join your Workspace.

Editing user permissions

User access is currently managed at the workspace level (we will also be adding project-level security soon). Once you have created your Workspace, you can create accounts for your co-workers by inviting them to join.

To change the level of access your Workspace members have:

  1. Open the Workspace > Members screen as described above.
  2. Find the user whose access you would like to change. If they are not shown then invite them to the Workspace.
  3. Click the dots on the user's display row to reveal the context menu and set their new level of access.