A Project in Interplay is a place to share and inspect your designs. You can push compositions from your design tools into Projects, so your team can inspect the design layers, code components and design tokens used in your design.

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Creating a Project

Your Workspace can contain multiple Projects. You can create a new project via your workspace dashboard in Interplay:

  1. Login to your Workspace at
  2. Click on Projects on the left hand side.
  3. Click the New Project button (top right) and give your project a name.

Inspecting Screens

Interplay allows designers to use code components and design tokens in their designs. When they push these designs to Interplay, the whole team can inspect not only the design layers, but also any code components and design tokens used. 

Screens you have pushed into the project from Figma are listed on the left hand side. Click on the Screen name to view its content.

  • Clicking on code components in the design will show the component configuration used in the JSX panel on the right hand side.
  • Clicking on a design layer with show key styling and positional information - including any design tokens used. 

Having everyone working with the exact same code components and design tokens eliminates the need for painful manual back-and-forth between design and code. Instead designers and engineers can communicate precisely and iterate designs together.

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