Code updates and versions

Over time, the code and configuration of your components will change. These changes will be imported to Interplay and this article shows you how you receive those changes in the Figma plugin

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How updates and releases work

Over time, the code and configuration of your components will change:

  • Each time the CLI tool is run against your code repo, it brings the latest code changes into Interplay.
  • The Project editors of your Design System may also make configuration updates directly in Interplay e.g. to add a description or configure new presets.

These changes to the components project in Interplay are saved as a series of commits (saves) over time. Project maintainers can choose to publish certain commits by tagging them as releases.

When a release is created for your project in Interplay it is available in your plugin. Each release has a version label for reference.

Pulling the latest release

When a new release is available for your current project, a green dot will appear on the plugin menu icon in the search bar of the plugin.

  1. Click the menu icon to open the plugin menu
  2. Click on Library Updates Available... to review the pending updates.
  3. To apply the updates, click Sync All
  4. If you don’t want to accept the updates, click Done to return to the library screen.

Fixing to a specific release

You can also fix your work in Figma to a specific release of the project. To do this:

  1. Open Manage Libraries from the plugin menu. You will see the library you are currently using listed as installed
  2. Next to the library name you will see a dropdown of available versions.

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