Pushing to Interplay

This article shows you how to push Figma frames and local components to Interplay. 

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Pushing frames and local components

To push from Figma to Interplay:

  • With the Interplay plugin open in Figma, select the Frame or Component you would like to push to Interplay.
  • Click the Push icon in the Interplay Plugin

  • In the push dialog, choose or create a Project in Interplay that you would like to push to. Add a description of your changes.

  • Click Publish to push to Interplay. Your design will be pushed to Interplay and a link displayed for you to click through to your Interplay project.
  • You can now inspect and iterate your screens to work them up as you approach production.
    • Code components can be inspected as configurations of components - prop settings or JSX
    • Design components can be inspected as CSS or CSS in JS.
  • For more information about inspecting compositions in Interplay, see Inspecting Screens

Pushing library components

To push a Figma library component to Interplay, first open the library file in Figma and push to Interplay from there.

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