Upgrading your Account

Upgrading your Interplay account to a Team plan allows you to import your own code components and import design tokens automatically from your repo.

Benefits of upgrading

Your free Interplay account allows you to work with pre-selected code component libraries in Figma and live-preview your work in the browser.

Upgrading your account to a paid plan allows you to:

  • Import your own custom code component libraries
  • Publish your component library for use in Figma
  • Push your code-based designs to Interplay to work with developers in an online workspace where you can inspect code and replace design components with code components as they are implemented to work up your screens.
  • Keep your designs up to date with changes in your code components by setting up Continuous Integration

Upgrading your free account

To upgrade your free Interplay account:

  • Login to either the Figma or Sketch plugin using your Interplay account.
  • Choose Manage Libraries from the hamburger menu.
  • Click the Upgrade link at the bottom of the screen.

After you have completed payment, you will be prompted to create a workspace if you haven't already.

Changing your paid plan

If you are already on a paid plan, you can upgrade or amend your plan as follows:

  • Login to your Interplay account at https://app.interplay.io.
  • Open the Settings menu next to your team name (top left)
  • Open the Billing tab.

On the Billing tab you can see your existing paid plan details, manage the users on your plan and change your plan.