CLI settings files

CLI Settings overview

The CLI is controlled by two settings files. Templates for these files are generated during the initialisation step when you run the CLI:

  • targets.json - This controls the target workspace and project where the CLI will deploy any build files and config created.

  • interplay.config.js - This controls all the other settings for the CLI. 

Configuring settings for your repo

The instructions in the sections that follow take you step-by-step through creating the settings needed for your repo. 

The settings required will depend on whether you are importing tokens or components - or both. You can import either design tokens or code components first and then add the settings to import the other.

To import design tokens from JSON files, see Importing Design Tokens from your repo

To import code components, see Importing Code Components from your repo

Settings and updates

Once you have configured your settings, save them to your repo so that you can run the CLI repeatedly to keep Interplay and Figma up to date automatically. For more details, see Updates and Continuous Integration