Getting started with Interplay

Welcome! Here are the basic steps to get up and running with Interplay.

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1. Create your free Interplay account

The first step to get started is to create your Interplay account.

To create a new account and workspace go to

Create your login details and follow the onboarding steps to access your workspace.

If you are invited to an existing workspace You can simply click through on the invite email to accept your invitation and join the workspace.

2. Choose what to explore next!

Once you've got access to your workspace you have a few options for what to explore next:

✅ Create a design system project in Interplay

Design system projects are where you can manage your design tokens and code components in Interplay. Create a new design system project to start managing your design tokens immediately in the browser. Hit publish to use them in our Figma plugin - free! 

On our paid plans you can also import design tokens and code components from your code repo and publish them to Figma to keep everyone up to date automatically.

✅ Use design tokens and code components in Figma via the Interplay plugin

Composing Figma designs using the same design tokens and code components that your developers use eliminates much of the painful back-and-forth translating between design and code.

To see this in action, install the Interplay plugin for Figma and take the brief tour, to start using design tokens and code components in Figma.

We've included Uber's BaseUI as an open source library to help you explore, and you can of course use tokens and code components from design systems you've created and published in Interplay.

✅ Inspect your designs in Interplay

Once you've composed your designs in Figma, use the Interplay plugin to push them to an Interplay Inspect project.

Unlike other inspect tools, Interplay Inspect is aware of your design tokens and code components. So if you've used them in your design, your team can inspect them directly in Interplay, with no ambiguity or guess work.

👉 Please let us know if you have any questions via the help chat box or at

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