Tabs, Sections and Pages

Organise your content using Tabs, Sections and Pages


Tabs are used for major categories of content and are displayed across the top of the Interplay web application.

To create a new Tab:

  • Click the + in the top bar
  • Give the new tab a name
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Within each tab, content can be organised into Sections and Pages on the left navigation pane.



A Section is a group of pages that has its own overview/landing page.

Once you have created a Tab, you can create Sections:

  • Clicking on the + at the top of the navigation pane to create a new section.
  • Give the section a name.

Each section can contain other pages, and has its own landing page where you can introduce the content for that section

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You can drag sections up and down to re-position them within the navigation pane. The pages contained within that section will move too.


You can create individual Pages within a section. To create a page:

  • Click on the + next to the section name.
  • Give the page a new name
  • Start creating content!

To re-organise your pages you can drag a Page up and down within its section, or into another section.

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