Choose a design system

Set which design system to use for a Figma file

You can choose which Design System you want to use with the current Figma document. Design systems contain different code components and design tokens.

Choosing a Design System

You can change the current Design System for the Figma document using the Manage Libraries option in the plugin.

Note that this changes the design system for the document, so other users will default to that Design System when opening the Interplay plugin with that document.

Open-source design systems

We have pre-configured some popular open source design systems that are available for you to use with no set up.

We will be adding more here - please let us know if there are open source libraries that would be useful for you.

Your published design systems

The plugin will also show any design systems which have been created and published in your workspace.

You can install a different library to work with using the Library manager in the plugin. To access the library manager, click the hamburger menu at the top right and choose Manage Libraries.

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