Create a Spec

Add designs and components to Specs

About Specs

Specs are online spaces where you can share and inspect designs for implementation.

You can add content such as frames and components to specs and share them with your team, who can then inspect them, translate them to code and (soon) collaborate on the implementation.

Unlike other tools, Interplay specs are aware of code components and design tokens. So you when you use those in your designs your team can inspect and use your precise configuration as JSX.

Creating a Spec

To create a new Spec in Interplay:

  1. Navigate to the Specs tab of the Interplay plugin
  1. Click Create Spec
    1. The spec is created in your plugin. Rename it to how you want it to appear in your Interplay workspace and optionally add a description. (You can edit these later.)

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Adding Designs to Specs

  • To add frames to your spec, select the Frame(s) on the canvas that you want to add and click Add to Spec.
  • To add components to a spec, select the Component master that you want to add and click Add to Spec.
    • To add Figma library components to a spec, first open the library file in Figma and use the plugin to add them from there.


Publish your spec

When you are happy with your spec, add a comment to describe this version (optional) and click Publish.

Once Published, your spec will be available in your Interplay workspace to inspect and translate to code.

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