Design tokens FAQs

Frequently asked questions about design tokens

What are design tokens?

Design tokens are like shared variables that capture design decisions. Typically they are name-value pairs where the name describes a decision e.g. color-background-primary

By using the same tokens, designers and engineers can communicate precisely and designers can control product styling by providing tokens updates.

How do I add my design tokens to Interplay?

To add your design tokens:

  1. Create a free Interplay account
  1. Create a design system
  1. Upload JSON containing your tokens.
  1. Publish your design system to use it in Figma

Quick start guide

How can I use my design tokens in Figma?

Once you have added your tokens to a design system in Interplay, publish your design system to make it available in our Figma plugin.

You can then use your tokens to style objects and text in Figma.

Can I use design tokens on the free Starter account?

Yes! You can manage your tokens through the browser in Interplay as a team for free and publish them to Figma.

On our paid plans you can sync your tokens in from your code repo automatically.

Can I manage multiple sets of tokens?

Yes. A theme is a set of tokens in Interplay. If needed, a theme can inherit from another theme and override the token values for that theme.

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