Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard shortcuts in the plugin

Find and Add a Component

To find and add a Component via the keyboard:

  1. Open the Interplay Plugin and type the name of the Component you want to add.
  1. Keep typing until the Component or example comes to the top of the list, or **use the ↑ and ↓ arrows** on your keyboard to pick it.
  1. Type **⏎ return** to add the default (first) Example of the Component you selected.

👉 Pro tip: With a frame selected on canvas, hit return to add the selected component as a child of the selected frame. If the selected frame has Auto-Layout applied, you can rapidly assemble layouts without leaving the keyboard.

Browse Component Examples and Documentation

You can also use the keyboard to view the Component Details panel which contains a live Component Preview, Component Documentation and a list of Examples.

  1. Search, or use the ↓ down arrow to select a Component.
  1. Use the → right arrow to view the Component details.
  1. Use the ↑ and ↓ arrows to select a component example.
  1. Type ⏎ return to add the selected example to the canvas.

Browse Folders

You can use the keyboard to quickly navigate between component folders folders in your design system.

  1. Search, or use the ↓ down arrow to select a folder.
  1. Type → right arrow or ⏎ return to open the folder and view the list of components.
  1. To go back, use the left arrow or Escape to return to the previous folder level.
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