Receive and apply new versions of your Design System

Design System releases

Over time, the content (e.g. code components and design tokens) of design systems will change as Interplay stays up to date with changes in the code and the owners of your design system publish new changes.

These changes to the design system in Interplay are saved as a series of commits (saves) over time.

When a release is created for your project in Interplay it is available in your plugin. Each release has a version label for reference.

Pulling the latest release

By default, the plugin will point to the latest release of the design system.

When a new version of the design system is published from Interplay, a green dot will appear on the plugin menu icon in the search bar of the plugin.

  1. Click the menu icon to open the plugin menu
  1. Click on Updates Available... to review the pending updates.
  1. To apply the updates, click Sync All
  1. If you don’t want to accept the updates, click Done to return to the library screen.

Pinning to a specific release

You can also pin your Figma plugin to a specific version of the design system.Β New versions of the design system can still be published, but your plugin will stay locked at that version until you change it.

To pin to a release:

  1. Open Manage Libraries from the plugin menu.
    1. You will see the library you are currently using listed as installed

  1. Choose from the dropdown of available versions and save your changes.
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