Getting Started

Getting Started

Welcome! Here are the steps you need to get up and running:

1. Create your Interplay account

Currently, you'll need an invite to create your account. We are rolling these out as fast as we can - please go to and click "Get Early Access" to register your interest - thank you!

When you receive your invite email, click through to create your account in Interplay.

When prompted, enter a name for your Workspace. You will then be taken to the dashboard for your workspace. This is where you will create projects.

2. Complete Workspace onboarding steps

When you first log in to your Workspace, you will see a welcome screen with some recommended onboarding steps.


You can always access this panel using "Reset Onboarding" in the help menu (bottom left)

Learn how it works - A brief video overview to show you around Interplay.

Create a project - Projects are where you do your work in Interplay. More:

Install the plugins - Design with code component and tokens in Figma. More:

Invite your teammates - For more details, see:

3. Design with code in Figma

Once you have installed the Figma plugin, you can start designing with code components and design tokens! We've imported an open source library to help you get started.

  1. Open the Interplay plugin and login with your new Interplay account. This connects the plugin to your Interplay workspace.
  2. Follow the onboarding steps in the plugin, working with the demo Figma file to help you explore
  3. image

In this brief overview you will:

  • Drag and drop code components into frames in Figma and set their properties
  • Run your screens in React by previewing them in the browser
  • Push your screens to Interplay to further iterate them with code

For help with the Figma plugin, see

4. Next steps

There are lots of things you can do at this point! For example:


Please let us know if you have any questions as you explore! You can contact us at or via the Help menu at the bottom left of your screen.