Publish changes

Create new versions of existing specs

Editing existing specs

To update an item that is already in the spec, open the Spec in the Figma plugin and make the changes. After you have finished editing, publish the spec again to create a new version in Interplay.

Updating items

To update items already in the Spec, simply add the updated items:

  • Select the item that has been updated in Figma
  • Click Add to Spec

Removing items

To remove items that are in the Spec:

  • Select the item in the spec
  • Press delete on your keyboard

Versions created in Interplay

Interplay maintains a set of versions of your spec. You can see the versions by clicking the history icon in the toolbar.

The versions of your spec will be displayed as a history list in the left hand panel.

Click on the version in the list to see details.

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