Import Overview


You can import your own code components and tokens on our paid plans. To upgrade please see Changing your Plan.

Importing Components

To import your own code components you need to provide:

  • a UMD bundle of your components
  • JSON configuration describing your components and what property values to use as presets when displaying them

The Interplay CLI can help you create these by automatically bundling and parsing your code. You can customise the webpack build settings used to bundle your code and programmatically modify the generated config before it is deployed.

Alternatively you can create your own UMD build and configuration and use the CLI to deploy them to Interplay.


Most design system code libraries can be imported into Interplay without any code changes or special formatting. There is no need to modify your components or wrap each one in proprietary code for Interplay.

Importing Tokens and Themes

You can import your tokens by providing a JSON file containing your token and theme information and then using the CLI to import this configuration to your project in Interplay.

Continuous Integration

Once you have configured your import settings you can run the import repeatedly over time to automatically keep Interplay and your design tools up to date with changes in your repo.