Create a workspace

A secure area for your team to create design systems and specs in Interplay.

Workspace overview

Your workspace is a secure online space where your team works together to create:

  • Design Systems - where you can manage and publish design tokens and code components for use in Interplay and Figma
  • Specs - upload compositions from your design tools to share and inspect in Interplay, and translate them to code

Create your workspace

When you first create a new Interplay account you will be prompted to create your workspace and invite team members to your workspace to work together.

If you are invited to Interplay from an existing workspace you will join that workspace automatically when you create your account from the invite.


Opening your workspace

You can access your Workspace at

Your workspace is displayed as a dashboard of the design systems and projects your team has created:


You can always get back to your workspace dashboard by clicking the Interplay logo at the top left of your screen.

Workspace navigation

Use the tabs on the left hand side to switch between the items in your workspace:

  • Design Systems
  • Specs
  • Recent items (design systems and specs)
  • Archived items

Toggle the control at the top of your workspace to switch between Card view and list view.

In the list view, click the headings to sort the list.


Workspace settings

To access the settings for your space:

  1. Click your workspace name at the top left
  1. Choose “Workspace Settings” from the menu
Notion image

Available settings:

  • Name
  • Logo
  • Default design system
    • This is the design system that will be defaulted when you open the Figma plugin (unless a different design system is already set for that Figma file)

  • Early access features
    • Enable Embeds - allow users to copy links directly to component examples and design token groups
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