Pending Changes and Commits


Projects and Design Systems both have a powerful way of saving changes, using pending changes and commits

Projects and Design systems are made up of data such as screen compositions, component configurations and custom settings.

Any changes you and your team make are immediately saved as pending changes.

When you have finished a set of changes you can review them and either commit them to your project or discard them. Committing the confirms the change to the project configuration data.

Viewing pending changes

Click the Version History tab to see a list of your changes:


Click on each pending change to see more details about the change.

Discarding pending changes

To discard pending changes you've made in the project:

  • Click on the Version History tab to bring up the list of project changes.
  • Right-click on the change you wish to discard and choose "Discard Change":

The item will be rolled back back to its previous settings.

Committing pending changes

When you commit a pending change, you are confirming the saved change into the project data.

To commit changes to the project:

  • Click on the Changes and History tab to bring up the list of project changes.
  • Use the checkboxes to select which changes you want to commit. Use the heading checkboxes to select multiple at once. (Changes made to the project while you have this panel open will not automatically be checked.)
  • Enter a commit message and click Commit Changes

The change will be committed into the project data. If many changes are being committed at once, a progress bar will displayed while any related navigation thumbnails are updated to reflect the updates.

Viewing Project History

The commits form the version history of the project.

Here you can see the changes that have happened over time. Soon you will be able to rollback to previous versions.

To view the history

  • Click on the Changes and History tab to bring up the list of project changes.
  • At the top of the panel that appears, click "History"

The timeline of project changes will be displayed:


For design system projects, you can mark specific commits as Versions, so that designers can choose between those versions in their design tools - see