Upgrade or change your workspace billing plan

Last updated on August 26, 2022


Plans and pricing

Your billing plan is attached to your Interplay workspace.

You can see your current plan at Workspace Settings > Plan

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Benefits of upgrading

Your free Interplay account allows you to:

  • Create specs to share and inspect designs in Interplay (limited to 3 specs)
  • Work with open source design systems in Figma
  • Create your own design system with design tokens and use them in Figma
  • Live-preview your designs in the browser

Upgrading your account to a paid plan allows you to:

  • Use Interplay with your own custom code components including importing from your code repo, working with them in Figma and inspecting them in specs.
  • Create unlimited specs in your workspace
  • Automate the import of design tokens from your code repo
  • Setting up Continuous Integration (CI) to stay up to date automatically

Upgrading or Changing your plan

To upgrade or change your workspace plan:

  • Open Workspace settings > Plan
  • Choose a new plan. For paid plans you will need to enter your payment details.
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