Workspaces and Projects



A workspace is a secure container for your Projects in Interplay. You can invite co-workers to your workspace to grant them access.

When you first create your Interplay Account you will be prompted to create your workspace in Interplay.

You get back to your your Workspace:

  • By navigating to and logging in with your Interplay account
  • From within a Project, clicking the "I." Interplay logo at the top left.


  • The Starter and Pro plans allow you to create a single Workspace in Interplay.
  • The Enterprise plan (available soon) will allow you to create multiple Workspaces and manage their memberships separately.



Projects are where you do your work in Interplay. Your Workspace can contain multiple projects.

Each Project can contain Screens, Components and Tokens. They can also contain other Projects, to help you can organise your work.

Your Workspace may typically contain:

  • One or more projects containing code components and tokens that you have imported from your code repo. You can publish these projects so their content is available to work with in other Interplay Projects and in Figma.
  • Projects containing Screens (compositions) your team is working on, which consume published projects. You can create Screens directly in Interplay or by pushing compositions from Figma.


  • The Starter plan allows you to create 3 Projects in your Workspace
  • The Pro and Enterprise plan allow you to create unlimited projects in your Workspace